Diss Church of England Junior Academy

Diss Church of England
Junior Academy

Year 4 - Google Classroom

Google Classroom

 We have prepared a Google Classroom for you to access at home. Homework will be added onto this page.

To access this you will need to log in to use your school email. 

Go to 


This will take you to the Google Classroom page. You will need to sign in using your child's school email. Your child will know their email, the format of the email should be:


Once this is entered, you will need to enter their password. If your child cannot access their account, please speak to their class teacher.

You should now see the Year 4 folder icon, if not, click on the three lines on the far left top corner, this will give you a drop down list of available classrooms. To join the Year 4 class, you will need to enter the following code


This is case sensitive.

Great, you should now see our class page! It is called 'Acer and Pine Class'. 

 Staff can see as people join the class. The content in the classroom is available to all. Staff will receive notifications when a student adds content.

You are able to leave messages and ask questions, but it is important to remember that our normal classroom rules for respectful behaviour will still apply when using Google Classroom.