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Welcome to our Year 4 page

The Year 4 teaching team 

Acer class - Miss Crane

Pine class - Miss Jagger

Support Staff - Mrs Nicholas

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What learning looks like in year 4:

 Here are copies of our  Curriculum.  Here is the copy of our long term plan.  It contains all of our areas of learning for each term.




Reading is promoted and modelled to all our children throughout their time at school. Children will have a daily reading lesson where they will learn how to read fluently as well as make inference, predictions and retrieve key words or phrases to answer comprehension questions. As children encounter new vocabulary we will explore the definitions of these words within the context of the book and the effect this has on the meaning. Alongside daily reading lessons, we have a story at the end of every day to continue fostering a love of reading. 

This half term, our class book is "The Explorer"

The Explorer : Rundell, Katherine: Amazon.co.uk: BooksThe Explorer: WINNER OF THE COSTA CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARD: Amazon.co.uk:  Rundell, Katherine, Horn, Hannah: 9781408882191: Books



In English we will be using a range of books linked to the topic to inspire our writing. Each half term, we will focus on one fiction, one non-fiction and one poetry unit. At the end of each unit, the children will produce a piece of writing to go into their best writing file.

We are writing our own problem/resolution story, conqueroring the monster story, recount and an explanation text. 



We use the Power Maths scheme which follows a mastery approach to Maths. All children have access to a range of manipulatives to promote their concrete understanding of abstract concepts. Alongside this we promote fluency within the 4 operations through an additional arithmetic lesson each week.

This term, we will be focussing on decimals, time, money, statistics, geometry 2D shapes and angles, geometry position and direction. We also have an official multiplication check at the beginning of June (5th - 16th of June) so we are spending a lot of time practicing our times tables. 

There are lots of fun learning opportunities for you and your child to explore together at home. Here are a few suggestions.

BBC Bitesize Collections.

Guardians Maths Game

Topmarks Maths Games

Times Tables Check Game


We have a thematic approach to our learning and link our topic to the other subjects where possible. We are focusing on The Roman Invasions. 

Maya Civilizations 




In Science children are expected to ask questions, perform tests, identify and classify and gather and record data. They will also have the opportunity to learn about key scientists.

 To continue our Science work, we will be learning about Teeth and Digestion.





Every day we will be running PATHS sessions in class. This is a PSHE programme which empowers children to develop the fundamental social and emotional learning skills which enable them to make positive choices throughout life.

As part of this, each day there will be a Pupil of the Day. This is a randomly selected pupil who will receive compliments from their teacher, friends and themselves. At the end of the day, they will bring home their compliments to share with their family. We ask that you talk to your child about this and share your own compliments with them. 


Year 4 PE days will be on Tuesdays. 

Your child will need to come into school wearing their swimming suit under their uniform. Please remember to pack underwear in their swim bag.

Their swim bag should also contain their towel, goggles, and swim cap.


Each week, your child will receive:

  • Times tables
  • A reading book

These need to be practised daily.

In addition to this, there will be homework set on Google Classroom for the half term. You can select a different activity each week which can be uploaded for the teacher to see.

All children have access to TTRockstars (an online Maths APP).

Children should try to complete this at least 3 times a week.

TT Rockstars


 We are lucky to have a fantastic library in school. In addition, each class has a selection of 50 wonderful books to enjoy. You child will bring home an age appropriate reading book from the library or from the selection of 50 books to read in their class. While these books are not used during reading lessons, it is still vital that children are reading daily. Children will read these independently every morning as part of the morning routine so they need to be brought to school every day. They also need to be reading each day at home, you can record this in their reading record. Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.

Reading at Diss

Google classroom:


 Our class code for Google Classroom is:  b7ytzyl