Science week 2021

Upon the return from the Easter Holidays, children at Diss Primary Academy Partnership participated in a fun-packed week full of celebrating all things Science.  The theme was ‘Innovating ideas for the future’ which meant much of our work also involved mathematics, English and design and technology.  Children were exposed to a variety of scientific texts, activities, experiments and investigations during the 5 days.  Each year group (from Reception to Year 6) studied a famous Scientist.  Their research turned into an information text, displaying beautiful handwriting and detail. A few examples of activities completed range from: discussing what we can do to stop trees from being cut down; creating a bug which doesn’t have to face the same challenges as others to survive in different conditions; designing a classroom of the future (would it be like our lockdown classroom or school classroom or a bit of both?) and exploring a microbiome (the human gut) to see what our bodies are able to digest happily as fuel and what foods are better for your insides - can we maintain a healthy gut?


Science Week Video


On Friday, staff and children celebrated different scientists by dressing up as them.  In the afternoon, every single class came together on Zoom to share their work.  Science lead, Kirsty Dekeyzer, said: “It was wonderful to see all of the children excited, proud and eager to share what they had achieved, as well as being fascinated by the work of other classes.”