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Welcome to our Year 5 page!

The Year 5 teaching team


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 Autumn Newsletter

What  we are Learning this half term    

Click on the links to see our learning objectives for each week:


 What learning looks like in Year 5                                                                          

Long Term Plan


Reading is promoted and modelled to all our children throughout their time at school. Children will have a daily reading lesson where they will learn how to read fluently as well as make inference, predictions and retrieve key words or phrases to answer comprehension questions. As children encounter new vocabulary we will explore the definitions of these words within the context of the book and the effect this has on the meaning. Alongside daily reading lessons, we have a story after lunch every day to continue fostering a love of reading. 


In English we will be using a range of books linked to the topic to inspire our writing. Each half term, we will focus on one fiction, one non-fiction and one poetry unit. At the end of each unit, the children will produce a piece of writing to go into their best writing file.


We use the Power Maths scheme which follows a mastery approach to Maths. All children have access to a range of manipulatives to promote their concrete understanding of abstract concepts. Alongside this we promote fluency within the 4 operations through an additional arithmetic lesson each week.

Maths Playground

Guardians of Mathematica

Hit the Button


We have a thematic approach to our learning and link our topic to the other subjects where possible. We are using our ARK Curriculum books, this term our topics are Anglo Saxons and Scots and Vikings and Anglo Saxons.

Anglo Saxons and Scots

Vikings and Anglo Saxons


In science, children are expected to ask questions, perform tests, identify and classify and gather and record data. They will also have the opportunity to learn about key scientists. We are using our ARK Curriculum books, this term our topics are Earth and Space and Forces.

Earth and Space


Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy 2



Year 5 PE days will be on Tuesdays. We are swimming this term.

Your child will need to come into school wearing their swimming suit under their uniform. Please remember to pack underwear in their swim bag.

Their swim bag should also contain their towel, goggles, and swim cap.


Homework will be posted on Google Classroom for the half term.

Spellings will be handed out each Monday followed by a quiz on Friday.  

All children have access to TTRockstars (an online Maths APP). Children should try to complete this as much as possible. 

Reading books are being sent home and need to be brought into school everyday. Children should be reading every day.  

Google Classroom code: qutg6j4

You should have a copy of your logins, contact the school if you are unsure.

 We will be using a Google Classroom to post details of any other homework.

Google Classroom Instructions.

To access the Classroom, you will need to use your school email.

Go to:


This will take you to the Google Classroom page, Year 5 2022/2023. You will need to log in using your child's school email. Your child will know their email, the format of the email will be: 


Once this is entered, you will need to use their password. This is the same as the password they used in year 4.

Once the password is entered, you should see the Year 5 folder icon. If not, click on the three lines in the top left corner, this will give you a drop down list of available classrooms. To join the Year 5 classroom, press + and you will need to enter the code: