Diss Church of England Junior Academy

Diss Church of England
Junior Academy

Religious Education 

RE lessons are taught through discussions, stories and sharing experiences. The aim is to provide an introduction  to the main religious faiths of the world. Through questioning, children are encouraged to talk about differences and similarities between religions, understand abstract concepts of religion and discuss where beliefs come from and how they change over time and shape people’s behaviour.

RE is divided into -

Theology - 

*Where belief comes from and how it changes over time.

*How beliefs relate to each other.

*How beliefs shape the way believers see the world and each other.


*The nature of knowledge, meaning and existence.

*How and whether things make sense.

*Issues of right and wrong, good and bad.

Human and Social Sciences-

*The diverse nature of religion.

*Diverse ways in which people practice and express beliefs.

*The ways in which beliefs shape individual identity, and impact on communities and society.


All lessons are based on the new RE scheme of work from the Norwich Diocese and SACRE.

Norfolk religious education agreed syllabus