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At Diss Primary Academy Partnership we aim to deliver a high-quality history education. The ARK history curriculum is carefully mapped out to ensure all pupils leave primary school having experienced a rich, in depth curriculum, which leaves them better equipped for their future. Throughout their journey in history, pupils will acquire a breadth of knowledge: of places, people and significant events. Pupils will frequently be given the opportunity to ask enquiring questions, think critically, analyse and evaluate evidence, develop judgment and apply the skills to support their understanding of different perspectives. 

There are four four pillars underpinning the discipline of ARK+ mastery history:

  • Historical enquiry: exposing children to key questions as well as giving them the opportunity to ask their own questions. 
  • Historical enquiry: The pupils being exposed to rich historical knowledge.
  • Historical concepts: Some key skills they will learn to use are, evidence interpretation, considering cause and consequence, change and continuity as well as significance. These skills provide the structure that shapes the history teaching and will be revisited throughout their history journey in school. 
  • To communicate historical findings, verbally and in writing, our children will be able to discuss and debate ideas in depth.

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The history topics are in orange. 

Whole school ARK+ curriculum provision