Across the school Autumn Term:

Year 3-Greek Pottery/Poppies/Drawing unit (colour and patterns)

Year 4-Weaving/Painting unit

Year 5-Printing/Collage

Year 6- Drawing/3D

Whole School-Remembrance Day Poppies 




Art in Year 3

As part of the Year 3 Topic on ancient Greece, Year 3 have designed and made papier-mache vases to reflect the ancient Greek Gods and the Olympics. 

Year 3 Art Gallery

Art in Year 4

As part of the Year 4 topic on the Romans, Year 4 have been weaving paper, fabric, wool and braids. 

Year 4 Art Gallery


Art in Year 5

Year  have been experimenting with 2 colour reduction printing.

Year 5 Art Gallery


Art in Year 6

In Year 6 children have been drawing with a focus on all the five elements; shape, space, lines, value and colour

Year 6 Art Gallery